Commercial Businesses & Well-site Trailer Cleaning                                                                      

Clean by Design has become a first choice for many businesses surrounding Edmonton and district areas of Leduc County. With pride for the industry, we as a team provide an unprecedented level of service and quality.

Reasons for hiring us!

  1. There are NO written yearly contracts required
  2. Terms of agreement includes a 30 day cancellation policy
  3. Clean for some of the largest companies in Leduc County 
  4. Testimonials and references always available
  5. Use our supplied products and equipment

Call our office today or use the contact us link for a no co$t, no hassle,in-office quote. Speak to one of our dedicated sales professionals to schedule a site visit at your convenience.

Corporate Goal

Our corporate goal is to continue growing as a company while maintaining the relationships with current clients. The success of our business was developed by working as a unified team and treating our clients like family. We consistently work at building the best business we can and faithfully strive to improve and push ourselves to be the best. We acknowledge and appreciate the clients we have and will continually impress them each time we clean!
About Us
Clean by Design is a licensed, bonded, insured, and accredited commercial cleaning company. Retaining many years (2013) in the janitorial industry our company has built success by delivering a gratifying loyalty for customer appreciation and quality of service. Clean by Design's scope of work includes defining commercial and corporate office spaces along with our already trained comprehension of wellsite trailers and specialized oil field units. Our diverse knowledge of safety and cleaning systems has allowed us to expand and serve Alberta's economy for wellsite trailers, command centers and integrated well system units, please call for pricing.
Whether you require daily office cleaning or weekly services, we customize an office cleaning program specifically for your business needs. With passion and dedication for cleanliness, we listen to our clients and work with them to address any concerns in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date property services for the best price.
Clean by Design's professional services shows employees and potential clients the concern for detail and appreciation you have for your business. Our services can attract more clients to your business where by increasing your company profits each year. To remain exceptional, we ensure our quality by conducting walk through inspections on a repetitive basis.
Post construction cleaning services is completed when a building has undergone any renovation. Our services allows  superintendents to complete the job in a timely manner and achieve their deadlines to start other pending projects. Clean by Design holds necessary liability insurance and complies with the Worker's Compensation Board. Safety guidelines and policies are practiced and followed out on site. Discussions and requirements for cleaning scope of work will be addressed at time of walk though by appointment only with business development manager. 
Clean by Design's insurance policies cover a 5 million dollar general liability, 2 million personal liability, and bonded for 25 thousand dollars. We are covered under WCB and provide a copy of all policies with every contract agreement.


Providing top-quality service, our scope for detail includes: office buildings, banks, dental clinics, doctor offices, medical facilities, retail centers, day cares, restaurants, salons, gym/fitness facilities, warehouses and industrial office spaces. We understand what it takes to keep your building clean and have a local operations team on-call 24hrs per day.

Clean by Design's Guarantee

We always review ways to improve our services and meet our client's requirements to deliver pristine office environments each visit. We guarantee quality and create positive lasting relationships. CBD will always give a 100 percent and is committed to helping business like yours be safe and clean.